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Are you relocating due to changes in your working arrangements? Moving from one part of the country to another or just part of the County you already live in? Thought about your children’s school provision?

Identifying a school, of your choice, for your children is one of the most important decisions you will make on their behalf. The school they attend will not only affect their levels of achievement but also their general happiness throughout their childhood years.

Parental choice often gets confused along the way. Parents have the right to express a preference, give reasons for that preference but that does not mean they have the right to choose the school.

SJC Consultancy can help make the process less stressful, identify, source and provide independent advice on schools in the area you are looking to relocate to allowing you to be proactive in making sure your child gets the school that you want for them.

Many parents are becoming increasingly proactive to make sure their child gets the school they want for them.

School Options

Once we have a fuller picture of your requirements and an agreement to undergo a full school search we can provide you with options that are appropriate for you and your child. We will suggest schools that have availability for the required starting date and that fit your needs or alternative schools with starting dates where flexibility may be appropriate for your relocation requirements. We can highlight areas that are relevant for your child and talk through considerations such as:

  • Ofsted reports
  • Transport routes for journeys to and from home
  • Entrance requirements and admissions process
  • Special needs provision
  • Advice and information about uniforms
  • Curriculum
  • School year

Ongoing discussion

Throughout the process of researching appropriate schools we would expect to have several in-depth conversations about the schools you are considering for your child and are always on hand to discuss the merits of each option as it presents itself. Ahead of arranging any school visits we discuss the practicalities of meeting any entry requirements, directions to the school venue and dates and times that are available for consideration.

Schools liaison

We try to make the process as smooth as possible for you and keep you updated regularly with regard to the conversations we are having with schools on your behalf. Whether you are currently based abroad, in the middle of the relocation process or simply still working and balancing family commitments we will factor in time differences, geography and your availability as we know this can prove to be a challenging time.

School Visits

We can organise visits to chosen schools and provide a consultant to accompany you should you wish. Our consultants are experienced in their field and can offer advice on what to look for during a visit. They can listen to your initial thoughts and impressions and give their view. If you are visiting the UK where possible, school visits will be planned to coincide with housing visits.

Accepting an offer

We can help you evaluate your options and together we will decide on the best course of action, provide support with admissions forms, liaising with admissions. Email and telephone support is ongoing throughout the school search process.

Why use us for School Search?

SJC Consultancy can provide professional, independent and objective expert advice on all aspects of UK education.

How to book an appointment with us?

Email or telephone SJC. Leave your details and we will contact you at a time most convenient to you. Email, Skype or telephone whichever is most convenient for your individual requirements.

SJC Consultancy offers help and advice with your School Search

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