About SJC Consultancy

To Be The First Choice Provider Of Ethical Educational Consultancy And Governor Services.

SJC Consultancy was created to support parents and families through the School Admissions and the Appeals process. We can help with most aspects of your child’s education, with particular expertise in School Admissions and Appeals, Special Educational Needs and Exclusions.

Identifying and Securing the right school place for your child can be time consuming, emotionally draining and very stressful and having exercised your right to apply for the school of your choice, you may well be disappointed when this is not possible and another school is offered for your Child’s education. Every parent who has been refused a place at the school of choice must be offered the right of an appeal.

With over 18 years’ experience we can provide professional, independent and objective expert advice on all aspects of UK education including, Local Education Authority, Academy, Foundation, Voluntary Controlled and Faith Schools and this includes both Secondary and Primary Schools.

SJC Consultancy can help you navigate through the school appeal procedure. We offer individual bespoke packages tailored to your own specific requirements coupled with an initial FREE consultation that is on a strictly no obligation basis.

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